The mysteries and myths behind the crystal skull

Explorer Frederick A. Mitchell-Hedges claims to have found the skull somewhere in Central America in 1927. Mitchell-Hedges’ daughter, Anna, now deceased, recalled finding the skull in the ancient Maya city of LubaantĂșn in Belize.Many perfect skulls were found in parts of central and South America and Mexico. Mainly believed to be of Mayan or Aztec origin, there are believed to be 13 of these skulls made and then later scattered all over the globe. They were part of rituals and ceremonies and are supposed to hold knowledge regarding the history of the human race and civilisation.
After burning 33 hectares of thick forestation, the area revealed a huge stone pyramid.In a scientific examination by Hewlett Packard,the findings were quite puzzling. The skull had been carved with diamonds and then smoothened with a solution made out of silicon sand and water.
The skull is named E.T. because it has a pointed head and an exaggerated jaw with an overbite, which makes it look like it an alien-shaped head.


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