Cutting Down An Old Tree Turns Out To Be a Terrible Mistake!

Nature is very generous to us. It is only us who are not sincere to ourselves. We should be thankful to God for his blessings upon us. When God creates this world for living being, these were trees which proved helpful in sustaining lives. But we are ignoring the importance of trees and act selfishly to boost our trades and businesses. We cut down tree without taking pause in thinking that we are putting not only humanity but animals also in danger. We should take serious steps to increase the growing ratio of trees greater than the cutting ratio.
We had seen many trees in our daily lives. Every tree is one of its own kind and benefits. The Pterocarpus tree is amazing species of trees. It is found in the region of Africa. It has an amazing property that it can heal itself and used for curing the diseases. It looks very common tree as others look but it got triumph on other trees for it different quality of healing. It is getting so much popularity among community that the demand of trees is increasing day by day.

Tree is also famous with name “the blood wood tree”. Whenever someone cuts it down it releases a kind of syrup which is of red color. This syrup is resealed on the cutting places of tree. Pterocarpus tree cures its wound by this blood red syrup. It seems creepy that a wood is bleeding. It is creepy that a tree is bleeding. Tree is a great blessing of God upon the natives of Africa. People used it for treatment of their eyes and stomach diseases. It is also useful in the enhancing the making of breast milk.
The popularity of wood is good for mankind. So that everyone can aware of it and can take benefits out of it. But some greedy businessmen is using Pterocarpus tree to flourish their trades. They are using it in manufacturing of furniture and building. They are receiving very high prize for spoiling Pterocarpus tree. The number of trees are becoming very less. Before it is too late and we lost these trees. We should take serious action against cutting of trees extravagantly.
Pterocarpus tree compelled us in thinking that trees and plants are also living species. So we should take care of them. Just aswe take care of ourselves and take care the rights of animals. There should also band on the cutting of trees, because if we take care of them then they will take care of us in return. So while cutting trees think for a moment that you are putting many lives in danger including you just for a little timely benefit.


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