The Reason Behind Having That Small Pocket With Small Buttons In Jeans Is Finally Revealed!

There have been changes in trends over time when it comes to jeans. But one thing has been for sure – they have always been on the rage. Whether torn at knees or faded in shade, everyone loves wearing jeans. Well, almost everyone, that is. However, even the most dedicated jeans fanatics have been puzzled by one thing. Exactly what is the purpose of the small pocket with small buttons? True, it looks like a good finishing touch. And the small buttons make the whole outfit stand out nicely.

Levi Strauss & Co. blog has revealed the mystery of the small pocket with small buttons to all. And in doing so, it has actually done the modern world a favor. As it turns out, the tiny pocket was used for keeping pocket watches. Yes, men used to wear them and tuck inside their watches. That’s why it may not come as a surprise to know that it was called, “the watch pocket”. It provided a safe and secure place for these watches. Till they got replaced by mobile phones, that is. And this replacement made that tiny pocket lose all its charm. And value.

Now that this mystery has been solved, we move on to the next one. And that is the purpose of those tiny buttons. There is no denying the fact that they look as stylish as they come. But there is also no denying the fact that sometimes we just want to rip them off. There are only so many buttons that can be used, after all. However, it may be a little too early to take out your scissor just yet. Because the small pocket with small buttons is a whole package of usefulness.

These tiny (and seemingly annoying) buttons are actually called rivets. Yes, they have their own name and identity to boast. And these rivets are there to make sure your jeans live a long life. How do they accomplish that? Simply by preventing wear and tear. This may have been the last thing to cross your mind. But it is as true as anything in history of jeans may be. These buttons may well be what is keeping your jeans from falling apart. This may look like exaggerating the truth. However, there is no denying the fact that the companies are not just out to get us. They are really looking out for us. Or for our jeans, at least. Either way, the small pocket with small buttons goes in our favor.
So, spread the knowledge around in your fashion circle. After all, this is a certain crucial knowledge that everyone deserves to know. After all, when it comes to jeans, there can be no compromise whatsoever.


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