Lasting Effects On Brain From Using Marijuana Are Finally Revealed!

When it comes to the word, Marijuana, many view it in negative light. And they are not entirely wrong. Since its use is abused so much, it is more trouble than it’s worth. Marijuana, or Cannabis, can actually relieve stress. This makes it an ideal and quick solution for most when life hits them hard. While it is commonly smoked, there are others ways to use Marijuana; it can be used in combination with other drugs, through sniffing, using vapors or injecting. The Cannabis plant, when dried up, gives Marijuana in its present form. A chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), present in Marijuana is responsible for the feeling of “high”. While the lasting effects on brain from using this drug may seem to be negative, it is not entirely so.
Marijuana also surprisingly has a number of medicinal uses. Many studies have tried to investigate this. That is why certain countries are trying to legalize the use of Marijuana. As it happens, United States is also working toward that goal. However, others are still convinced of its adverse lasting effects on brain.

The studies conducted have tried to find the lasting effects on brain from continuously smoking Marijuana. These have been quite recent, some being only two years old. One study investigated smokers on a regular basis and examined the effects of Marijuana on their brains. It was found that there was a decline in bipolar disorder symptoms. However, anxiety-related symptoms faced an increase.

According to certain reports, repeated exposure to Marijuana rewired the brain. Especially, when it was used for quite a long time. This rewiring was actually different than being addicted. However, it further increased chances of continuous consumption of Marijuana on a long-term basis. This led to further and stronger reliance on the drug.
Certain studies have showed some interesting results of countering the cognitive damage caused by Marijuana. Drugs that cured Alzheimer’s also repaired Marijuana’s adverse lasting effects on brain. An eight-week duration trial compared different levels of brain activation with the baseline levels. It showed how the levels of anxiety were lowered and accuracy was improved.
While these results are promising for those who use Marijuana, it doesn’t encourage unsupervised use. Tolerance and dependence could still be developed on the Alzheimer’s drugs. And this could lead to further problems. It is always better to use Marijuana in moderation, keeping age in consideration. After all, you can never be too careful with your life.


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